The Fascinating Chemistry of Perovskite Quantum Dots


The Fascinating Chemistry of Perovskite Quantum Dots

Author(s): Quinten Akkerman

Publication: Bunsen-Magazin 2024, 2, 61-63

Publisher: Deutsche Bunsen-Gesellschaft für physikalische Chemie e.V., Frankfurt

Language: English

DOI: 10.26125/4nvb-jv36

Abstract: The rapidly increasing demand for smaller and faster devices has led to a growing need for nanometer-sized semiconductors which can be fulfilled with quantum dots (QDs) - an exciting group of nm-sized semiconductors whose optical properties can be tuned via their respective sizes. This article highlights our work with perovskite QDs, where we focus on the size and shape control of perovskite QDs, understanding their underlaying surface chemistry, as well as their excitonic quantum properties.

Cite this:  Q. Akkerman, Bunsen-Magazin 2024, 2, 61-63, DOI: 10.26125/4nvb-jv36

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