Bunsen-Tagung 2023

Bunsen-Tagung 2023


The Bunsen-Tagung 2023 "Physical Chemistry of the Energy Transition​​​​​​​" will take place from 05-07 June 2023 at the Berlin Congress Center (bcc) on the historic Alexanderplatz in Berlin.

We are excited to announce the Plenary Speakers for this year's conference:

Marc Koper - Electrochemistry

Jens Nørskov - Theoretical Surface Chemistry

Beatriz Roldan-Cuenya - Surface Physics and Catalysis

Susannah Scott - Sustainable Catalytic Processes

Hans-Peter Steinrück - Surface Science

Please check www.bunsentagung.de​​​​​​​ for further information regarding abstract submission, registration and programm.

​​​​​​​We look forward to seeing you in Berlin!