Bunsen-Tagung 2023

Bunsen-Tagung 2023

Physical Chemistry of the Energy Transition


The Bunsen-Tagung 2023 "Physical Chemistry of the Energy Transition" took place from 05-07 June 2023 at the Berlin Congress Center (bcc) on the historic Alexanderplatz in Berlin.
Thank you very much to all speakers, poster authors, participants and sponsors of the Bunsen-Tagung 2023.


Plenary Speakers

Marc Koper - Electrochemistry

Jens Nørskov - Theoretical Surface Chemistry

Beatriz Roldan-Cuenya - Surface Physics and Catalysis

Susannah Scott - Sustainable Catalytic Processes

Hans-Peter Steinrück - Surface Science

Poster Awards

This year's poster awards go to:

​​​​​​​Mareike Dittmar
Dot-in-a-rod semiconductor nanoparticles attached to metal nanoparticles: Synthesis and Characterization

Sebastian Fritsch
Improving the Stability of Salty Methane Co-Clathrates with Monovalent Ions as Guests

Theresa Hettiger
Probing Influences of the Ligand Shell on the Absolute Band Edge Position in Perovskite Nanocrystals by Spectroelectrochemistry

Claudius Hoberg
Unraveling Solvent Reorganization Dynamics in Photo-induced Excited-state Proton Transfer by Optical-Pump THz-Probe Spectroscopy

Dietmar Paschek
Why Do Liquids Mix? The Effect of Hydrogen Bond Redistribution on the Mixing Behavior of Protic Ionic Liquids

Alexander Simanenko
Isopropanol electrooxidation on well-defined model Pt-Ru alloys: activity and composition

Floriane Sturm
The impact of replacing CC by BN on the excited state dynamics of BN-9,10-naphthalene

Juntao Yang
​​​​​​​Ionic liquids as electrode modifiers in electrocatalysis: Suppressing the formation of poisoning species in the oxidation of 2,3-butanediol on Pt(100)