Diversity (F)or Real Meritocracy

Diversity (F)or Real Meritocracy

Diversity (F)or Real Meritocracy

Author(s): Tanja Junkers

Publication: Bunsen-Magazin 2022, 5, 178-179

Publisher: Deutsche Bunsen-Gesellschaft für physikalische Chemie e.V., Frankfurt

Language: English

DOI: 10.26125/zfxr-g618

Abstract: The link between diversity and inclusion practices and meritocracy in academia is discussed. While both are sometimes seen as two opposite poles, diversity and inclusion only leads to a true merit based selection of candidates in academia.

Cite this:  T. Junkers, Bunsen-Magazin 2022, 5, 178-179, DOI: 10.26125/zfxr-g618

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