Bunsentagung 2020 cancelled

On behalf of the Deutsche Bunsen-Gesellschaft (DBG) we would like to thank the following companies for their generous financial support despite the cancellation of the "Bunsentagung 2020" as well as all the participants and DBG members who donated to the DBG.

In these unusual times, we all have to support and take care of each other which is why we are very grateful for every donation that helps us to keep the financial damage as small as possible.

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the coronavirus COVID-19.
Take care and stay healthy!

the DBG-team



DBG has to cancel the Bunsentagung 2020. The University of Giessen had to decide (following rules of the state government) to not allow any meeting or conference within the university until September 30, 2020. As all necessary rooms are not available in October and later, due to the winter semester and teaching, there can be no other decision than to cancel the Bunsentagung for this year

The local organization committee, together with the Executive Board and the Permanent Committee, thank you for your loyalty to Bunsentagung and to DBG, and we apologize for any inconvenience. We will let you know in due time on the upcoming Bunsentagung 2021 and other meetings of the Bunsen Society