"Workshop on Theoretical Chemistry" 2021


Topic: "Exploring Chemical Space",

Scientific Organizer: Dirk Andrae (FU Berlin, Germany)

Speakers and Tentative Subtopics:
Karin Fink (Karlsruhe, Germany): Exploring Metal Complexes and Their Magnetic Properties,
Markus Reiher (Zürich, Switzerland): Automatic Exploration and Study of Chemical Reactions,
Marcus Weber (Berlin, Germany): Design of API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) & MM/MD,
Peter Schwerdtfeger (Auckland, New Zealand): Carbon Allotropes and Graph Theory.

The Minisymposium with online short talks from participants takes place at Friday, 26 Feb 2021.

online via webex
Datum (Start der Veranstaltung)
23.02. – 26.02.2021