Bunsentagung 2020


The 119th Bunsentagung focuses on dispersion interactions and their multifold manifestations in chemistry. Dispersion is the driving force for molecular aggregation that plays a key role in the thermodynamic stability of (meta)stable structures, molecular recognition, chemical selectivity through transition-state stabilization, protein folding, enzyme catalysis, and many more. Despite the pioneering work of London and others in the 1930s, our understanding of dispersion interactions only recently has become much better. The aim of the Bunsentagung is therefore to highlight the progress in a rapidly developing field encompassing both experiment and theory.

Parallel sessions will be run to present the most recent results from all other fields of physical chemistry – from gas phase chemistry to the solid state, from thermodynamics to quantum chemistry, from electrochemical studies to high resolution spectroscopy. We are convinced that you will enjoy the open atmosphere of the conference and the wide scope of subjects from fundamental to applied physical chemistry.

We are excited to host the Bunsentagung 2020 for the first time in many years not at the traditional “Himmelfahrt” holiday, and we are dedicated to make this vividly debated move a success. We hope that you will also feel invited to contribute to the scientific success, either by presenting your own work or by learning from others!

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Giessen, 
Jürgen Janek, Peter R. Schreiner and Martin Suhm

Chairs of the Bunsentagung 2020

University Giessen
Datum (Start der Veranstaltung)
31.08. – 02.09.2020