Bunsen-Tagung 2021

Bunsen-Tagung 2021

Multi-Scale Modelling & Physical Chemistry of Colloids

The 2021 meeting celebrated both the 99th anniversary of the Colloid Society and the 120th General Assembly of the Bunsen Society.  

Thank you very much to all speakers, poster authors, participants and sponsors of our first virtual Bunsen-Tagung!
It was a pleasure to organize the conference and we hope you enjoyed it!​​​​​​

You are interested in how the Tagung was perceived by the participants? You can find the survey results here​​​​​​​.

You can download the Book of Abstracts  here​​​​​​​ (46MB).

​​​​​​​Plenary Speakers:

Daan Frenkel (opening lecture) – University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Marjolein Dijkstra – Utrecht University, Netherlands

Nadja-C. Bigall – Leibniz University Hannover, Germany

Tristan Bereau – University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Colin D. Bain – University of Durham, United Kingdom

Poster Awards

This year's poster awards go to:

Kevin Artmann 

Dynamics of Photoinduced Guest Uptake and Release by a Photochromic Coordination Cage

Marie Betker

CNF thin films as sustainable carrier material and their role in layered systems

Dr. Yasemin Bozkurt Varolgunes

Interpretable Embeddings from Molecular Simulations using Gaussian Mixture Variational Autoencoders

Roman Eschenbacher

Model catalysis with SCILLs: How does the ionic liquid layer change adsorption, desorption and surface reaction?

Michelle La Rosa

Switchable Nanostructures of piezoelectric Polyamide 11

Imke Maack

Synthesis and Characterization of Gold Nanocubes: An Investigation on Organic Ligand Exchange

Philipp Menold

Foam-Analogue Nanostructure of a Water-Rich L3-Phase

Denis Pluta

Synthesis and Characterisation of NIR photoluminsecent Aerogels

Patrick P. Probst

Dynamic Tuning of Giant Circular Dichroism in Templated Colloidal Assemblies

Sebastian Stock

Designing Pickering Emulsions for Hydroformylation: From nanoscale particles over microscale droplets to macroscale processes

Patrick H. Strebert

Dispersion-Bound Isolated Dimers in the Gas Phase: Observation of the Shortest C–HꞏꞏꞏH–C Distance via Stimulated Raman Spectroscopy

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