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The general topics of the Bunsentagung are:

1) Main Topic (Analysis and Control of Ultrafast Photoinduced Reactions)
The field of coherent control of ultrafast photon-induced reactions and related subjects will be discussed. Based on femtochemistry, shape variations of photon pulses are used to disturb the nuclear and electronic structure of molecules with the aim to efficiently control chemical processes and reaching unique product states. Over the last years there have been major breakthroughs in experimental and theoretical studies. Coherent control is now established for the analysis of simple model systems, permitting subsequent studies on more complex systems. New challenges arising from nuclear and electronic dynamics occurring on ultrafast time scales are also included.

2) Biophysical Chemistry (Biophysikalische Chemie)
Contributions from state-of-the-art research from Biophysical Chemistry are discussed.

3) Solid State (Festkörper)
Contributions from state-of-the-art research from Physical Chemistry of solids are discussed.

4) Liquids (Flüssigkeiten)
Contributions from state-of-the-art research from Physical Chemistry of liquids are discussed.

5) Gas-phase (Gasphase)
Contributions from state-of-the-art research in the gas phase are discussed.

6) Interfaces (Grenzflächen)
Contributions from state-of-the-art Surface Science and Physical Chemistry at interfaces are discussed.

7) Soft Matter (Weiche Materie)
Contributions from state-of-the-art research from Physical Chemistry on soft matter are discussed.

8) Experimental and theoretical physical-chemical methods (Physikalisch-chemische Methoden [Experiment und Theorie])
Contributions from state-of-the-art research from the development of novel methods in Physical Chemistry are discussed.

Special Topics 2011:

The German Bunsen-Society invites for the first time contributions on state-of-the-art research from Physical Chemistry by members of the EuCheMS partner organizations (European Association for Chemical and Molecular Science). EuCheMS has just established  the EuCheMS Division of Physical Chemistry, a novel European platform for Physical Chemistry. The EuCheMS forum for Physical Chemistry is an international session demonstrating the high quality in Physical Chemistry research in Europe. It aims to strengthen the scientific interaction and exchange in Physical Chemistry on a European scale.

Lasers are widely used in research and development as well as in industrial applications. New developments in the fields of lasers and their use continuously promote the areas of application. The industry symposium From Photons to Products aims to intensify the dialogue between researchers, developers, and users of lasers in industry.

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