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Solid-State Batteries from Fundamentals to Application

November 27th - 28th 2014
House of Logistics and Mobility (HOLM)
Frankfurt, Germany


Solid-state batteries (SSB), i.e. batteries which are based exclusively on solid inorganic or solid polymer electrolytes and electrodes, are often considered as inherently safe and long-term stable. Despite these obvious advantages the research and development of SSB has long been a niche field. The reasons are manifold: Existing SSB concepts rely mainly on costly vacuum-based thin film deposition techniques. Solid electrolytes show generally lower conductivities than liquid electrolytes, and the volume effects during cycling cause serious mechanical strain and may damage cells and their interfaces.

With conventional liquid electrolyte-based batteries now approaching their limits, SSB attract new interest for their expected stability, safety and the intrinsic separator function of solid electrolytes. It is the aim of this Bunsen colloquium to highlight the current discussion and to bring together experts from different fields – ranging from electrochemistry and materials science to solid state physics and engineering.

The organizers aim in particular to link researchers from universities and research institutes with researchers from industry, in order to stimulate an intensive exchange on the theoretical and practical limitations of SSB, and to discuss most recent scientific achievements.

We invite interested academic and industrial researchers to participate and to contribute with either oral or poster presentation.


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